Based in the Grenoble - Isère area (France)
Providing  Counselling  for  Personal  Difficulties
Addressing   Intercultural  Professional  Environments
Bringing a Positive Perspective to Adapting Across Cultures
Enhancing the Probability of Successful International Relocations
Developing Tools and Strategies  for  Effective  Intercultural  Encounters

Active Adaptation Counselling

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Focus on Professional Environments

Internationally relocating personnel  do not immediately have the infrastructure and resources they had before at their disposal, especially if there are language difficulties
to begin with.

Active Adaptation Counselling strives to bring perspective and awareness to the
challenge of adapting in a new culture, helping  to avoid cultural misunderstandings,
to safeguard a company's investment in its key people  - and to prevent 'early returns'.

Focus on Personal Difficulties

We  have the resources within us to be able to cope with our lives.
Sometimes - for whatever the reasons - we are unable  to tap into our strengths
and resources.
Working through our difficulties with qualified help in our own mother-tongue
can be constructive in finding a way out of negative behaviour patterns
towards more positive and functional  ones.

The objective of personal counselling is to develop a therapeutic relationship
- within which - the client’s cognitive, emotional and psychological experience of life’s
demands becomes easier, so that more functional and positive behaviour patterns
may be established.