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Powerpoint Presentation

          Services Provided

Intercultural Support

Intercultural Coaching,  Mediation
and Facilitation in Professional Contexts
Focus on Communication and Management

Cultural Awareness Training Programmes
Workshops / Lectures

Independent Screening
for Potential Expatriation

Expatriation  Preparation
(also for French expatriates moving elsewhere)

Preview Visit Interviews and `Welcome' talks

Performance Review and Interview Preparation

Return Reintegration Preparation

Therapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling
for adults, children, couples and families
addressing personal or professional difficulties,
relationship and family problems
children's emotional and educational difficulties.
dependency, grief, post traumatic incident
and crisis situations.

Professional Relocation Accompaniment
for Employee, Spouse and Family adaptation

Medical Interpreting Services

Prescence of an interpretor
during medical visits  or hospitalisation

Advantages of using these Services
Easier and more effective adaptation and integration, reduces pressure on transferred professionals and allows them to become operational and optimally functional, more rapidly.

External intervention provides an objective view on any problem areas in the well-being of international transferees and/or their families

Discretion and Confidentiality is maintained. (Particularly important in personal situations that employees may not  want to discuss in the work-place.)

Successfully relocated individuals and families reflect well on the company image.

Company image also benefits when the impression is given that the company is aware of the possible difficulties faced by internationally transferring personnel and is not indifferent to them.

Costly early returns may be reduced or avoided.

Conscious awareness of cultural influences and improved communication techniques, within the working situation, reduce unnecessary, culturally-linked misunderstandings and increase professional efficiency.

                     Mission Statement

Focus on Professional Environments

Internationally relocating personnel  do not immediately have the infrastructure and resources they had before at their disposal, especially if there are language difficulties
to begin with.

Active Adaptation Counselling strives to bring perspective and awareness to the
challenge of adapting in a new culture, helping  to avoid cultural misunderstandings,
to safeguard a company's investment in its key people  - and to prevent 'early returns'.

Focus on Personal Difficulties

We  have the resources within us to be able to cope with our lives.
Sometimes - for whatever the reasons - we are unable  to tap into our strengths
and resources.
Working through our difficulties with qualified help in our own mother-tongue
can be constructive in finding a way out of negative behaviour patterns
towards more positive and functional  ones.

The objective of personal counselling is to develop a therapeutic relationship
- within which - the client’s cognitive, emotional and psychological experience of life’s
demands becomes easier, so that more functional and positive behaviour patterns
may be established.

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